We have a dedicated catering team that would like to service your next special function. We specialize in large Weddings and Banquets. Ask for your quote today!

Catering — Food Selections

Meat Options (Pick one, two or three)
 Hot roast sirloin of beef — AAA Canadian fresh, never frozen beef offered in both rare to well done slices
 Roast turkey — Fresh roasted turkey cooked to perfection
 Rotisserie Chicken — Seasoned and roasted ¼ chicken on the bone
 Succulent Pork Ribs — Tender fall-off-the-bone meat and tossed in Grandma Ella’s signature sauce
 Stuffed Chicken Breast — Hand pounded and stuffed with our own blend stuffin. Ask about choices!
 Grilled Chicken —  Chicken Madeira in a white wine and mushroom reduction 

Potato Options (Pick one, two or three)
 Baked Potatoes
 Creamy Mashed Potatoes
 Cajun Roasted Red Potatoes
 Rice Pilaf

Vegetable Options (Pick one, two or three)
Availability may vary due to our Local Farmer's stock.
 Prince Edward Medley — Fresh baby carrots with green and yellow beans
 Peas and / or Corn
 Baby Carrots
 Seasonal Root Vegetables 
 California Medley — Fresh cauliflower, broccoli, baby carrots
Salad Options (Pick one, two or three)
 Mixed Green Salad — Fresh greens served raspberry or balsamic vinaigrette
 Garden Salad — Fresh ice burg lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes
 Classic Caesar Salad — Fresh romaine, real bacon and homemade croutons tossed in our signature Caesar dressing
 Wilted Cucumbers — Grandma Ella makes this feature salad her way!
 Greek Pasta Salad — Penne pasta, cucumbers and crumbled feta tossed in our signature Greek dressing
 Dilled Potato Salad — Fresh mix of red and white pototoes tossed in a creamy dill sauce
 The Italian Special — The Italian blend of fresh crisp tomato and cucumber topped with fresh basil and parsley
Choice of Accompaniments
 Horseradish
 Fresh baked rolls — Choose one style or a mixed style of whole wheat, whole grain, or white rolls
 Wonderland of Desserts — includes Grandma’s homemade desserts and our signature gourmet pies
 Coffee & Tea

 Assorted Sandwich and Wrap Trays
 Assorted hot appetizers
 Vegetable Trays
 Fruit Trays
 Assorted Dessert Trays
 Pizza
 Chicken Wings

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